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belated valentine’s pain

March 17, 2008

In addition to the most touching letter and roses, Master gifted me with kinky toys for Valentine’s Day. Last night, Master used them on me for the first time.

First, the steel butt plug. i’ve been fearfully anticipating this one for over a month now. This thing is heavy. Master inserted it into me Himself. i would have been embarrassed about this but a) i was scared of the plug so i was concentrating on that and b) i was still reeling from tit torture pain. my mind can only be tortured in so many ways before i begin to triage what to worry/fear/get embarrassed about. The plug is a lot smaller in size than Master, so that wasn’t an issue. Especially because i had received a hard assfucking earlier…i took it with an ease. The thing about this steel brute is the weight; depending on movement and position, it creates pressure inside. It’s a sexy pressure. Kind of like how it feels to have your gspot touched. It almost makes you feel like you have to pee; but not the real pee…the squirting gspot kind.

Additionally, Master purchased a bunch of kinky crafts made by the lovely kaya. In this bunch are:
1) a sandpaper paddle inscribed with Master’s mantra when it comes to submission (perfect, immediate, graceful obedience)
2) two zippers: one with inscribed with ‘slave’, the other with ‘grace’.
3) three of those evil Nipple Syringe Suckers.
4) the infamous tack bra inserts.

i’ve never had a zipper used on me. While i was cleaning around the house Saturday, waiting for Master’s arrival, my curiosity got the best of me. i clipped the clothespins on my breast carefully, meditated for a moment, braced and then ripped it off. It hurt. However, that is a kind of pain i can dig. i was pleasantly surprised when i noticed later that they left marks. Bonus. i love being marked.

the zippers

The evil syringe sucker things. With these minions of satan, i went from completely relaxed and not worried to OHFUCKIMGONNADIE in about 2.5 seconds. i think it went like this: Master positions the syringe. Master pulls on the syringe. Pain registers in my brain and i gasp, sounding like some godawful banshee. The shock settles, and the burning searing pain settles in. It’s…beyond description. Master seemed to really enjoy these. He wanted to put one on my clit but a little thing called my vertical clit hood piercing jewelry got in the way (whew). i was sort of freaked out that after a while in our scene, i looked down to realize not only was there milky substance leaking from my tits but also a little bit of blood. Master reassured me, saying a vessel could have broken near a duct in my breast. That was absolutely strange for a woman who has had no children: to see liquid coming from my nipples. Even though it was painful as anything and extremely demanding to endure, i enjoyed this scene with Master. i enjoy challenges, i enjoy being pushed further. i enjoy the intimacy that expands between us when that happens. my nipples are still aching and sensitive.

evil sucker syringes

evil in action. see liquid?

post evil nipple posture

The tack bra. During our syringe play, i begged Master to wear the tack bra inserts while we ran errands later on in the night. i was in a sexy, sacrificing head space and the idea turned me on beyond belief. The reality of the tack bra inserts was somewhat less romantic than i had imagined, but still challenging and in the end, satisfying. We went shopping. It was a thrill to be in pain like that out in public, with everyone being oblivious to it. It was a lesson in method acting to keep the pain from registering on my face at times, or to keep my body language on the level and not walk like a senior citizen. i experienced a moment of…nerve…where i asked Master for a hug as we stood in an aisle. He squeezed me. It hurt, but i was deep into the method acting by that point. The pain was something sweet and sacred, kept deep inside under lock and key… known to only us.

On the drive home, i remarked at how casual Master was while at the store. No sideways glances. No jokes. He wasn’t trying to mess with me. He shrugged me off. A ways later, He reached over as He drove and squeeeeeeeeeeeezed my left tit. i saw stars. i literally screamed. i never go that far. Just couldn’t help it, though. i followed suit when He did it to my right tit (admittedly, i BEGGED Him to not do it).

tack bra inserts, of kaya fame and made by kaya! my tits touched material kaya touched!

post shopping trip with tag along tacks

It was… sexy and fun yesterday. i received a serious face fucking. It was so hard and unforgiving that i got sick in the middle of it. He was unfazed and continued on. Lucky me, i received quite a few (squirtless) orgasms by way of the gspot.

We have yet to use the paddle.

Sandpaper on the other side.

Hot times and Happy Belated Valentine’s. Thanks for the…help, kaya. 🙂

the tack bra

May 29, 2007

Master has wanted me to create a tack bra for a while. He is a long time reader of “Under His Hand” and I’m sure He was inspired by kaya’s tack bra. Master loves it when I suffer. So much so that He built ‘suffering time’ into my schedule. I love how Master thinks. The fact that He is such a complex and thinking sadist makes me want Him even more. After some suggestions from Master on how to construct the tack bra, I was successful.

All told, there are around 70 tacks total. 35+ for each breast.

I am suffering from se-vere PMS. My breasts are extremely tender and sore (not fully recovered from last week’s use). I still have bruises on my breasts and thigh from that use. I had wanted to wear the bra out to the market and surprise Him with it after I was finished. I just. couldn’t. bring. myself. to. get. that. fucker. on. It hurts that bad. I have large breasts. DD cup. They are obviously heavy and keeping this in mind (and being stupid I guess), I lined the support part of each cup with extra tacks. Jay-suhs.

I told Master about my failed attempt at surprising Him. Later in the eve during a casual phone conversation, He ordered me to put it on. I was cringing but determined to make Him proud. He listened as I put it on and for the first couple of minutes of adjustment. He then ended our chat and told me when I could take it off- after a half hours time. I didn’t think I could make it. Seriously.

After a time I began to absorb the pain. I became more familiar with it. I got really fucking horny. I longed to be hurt more by Him, to be used so hard by Him. I sent Him dirty text messages begging for use. I got so into it that I was a little late in taking the bra off, I hadn’t noticed the time.

As I started to take the bra off, I remembered a rule of thumb about breast pain. It hurts, you (sort of) adjust and level off. Yet when the implement that is causing the pain is removed, the pain comes back more blinding and intense than ever. The tack bra is noooo exception.

Post tack bra pics

Sleeping that night was uncomfortable. I couldn’t lay on my belly like I prefer. I had to lay on my side or back as my breasts were too sore. Which is difficult anyway as I am not allowed to sleep in the bed anymore.

The only time I have slept in a bed since April 27th, 2007 has been when I visited Master, when Master visited me and when I visited my parents. Sleeping in a bed is a privilege, one He has been generous enough to allow me whenever I see Him. Sometimes I wonder what it will be like next year when I move in with Him. Obviously, I will have to get used to not sleeping with Him all the time as I have been. I will have to get used to sleeping on the floor as I do now but I’ll be next to His bed instead. I am really excited about living life beside (and behind) Him as His slave. I’ve never felt so enthusiastic about anything before.